Social Media Campaigns

SFU Student Government Association “#SGAInspires” Social Media Campaign

The main idea behind this campaign was to inspire our followers to become leaders themselves and motivate them to learn from these great leaders.  Prior to this campaign, the SGA Instagram account was sparse with content.  It was inconsistent with the content that was posted.  Now that this campaign has started, there are posts every Monday with this campaign, as well as pictures from each SGA meeting, which take place on Thursday nights.  There is a plan to create a campaign to round off each week by featuring an SGA Senator.

Student Government Association Posters

As the Public Relations Manager for SGA, I was tasked with creating different poster designs for different events or positions that the Director of Communications tasked me with.  These posters have been posted around campus, alongside emails that are sent out to all students in order to reach everyone.   The two Food Service posters were created in collaboration with the dining services on campus.  Because they are for positions that students apply for through OrgSync, there are QR Codes that lead students to the applications for each.

Knights of Columbus “#KnightsInspiration” and Sunday Readings Social Media Campaigns

This social media campaign was also to have more consistent content.  Prior to this, there would be pictures to advertise an upcoming event or to show off an event that had just taken place.  Now, every Sunday and Tuesday there is content with quotes from the Bible readings of that day or quotes from saint.  The entire idea behind showing off these quotes was to inspire the followers, specifically the men of the council, to live better lives as Christian men.  While the campaign has seen some more engagement on the page, we are still working toward getting more photographs of events that we attend and take part in.